Top 5 Lit by Lume Drone Lighting Photographers

Drone lighting has absolutely TAKEN OFF in the past few years. As LED technology advances, we’re finding new ways to get high powered lighting into the sky to create some never-before-seen content. Of course, leave it up to the Lume Cube community to continually raise the bar on what is possible with lighting in the … Continued

Lume Legend – Rob Kelly

The Lume Life of Billabong Pro Surfer, Rob Kelly Pro Surfer, Rob Kelly, has surfed waves all over the world from the tropical waters of Hawaii to the bone-chilling New Jersey coast on Christmas morning. Rob has a healthy surfing resume filled with airs, barrels, and hard turns. If you thought he surfing ends when … Continued

#Capture4Cubes – Pic of the Month – Tyler Leipprandt of Michigan Sky Media

Meet Tyler Leipprandt of Michigan Sky Media… Tyler has been around technology for most of his career, and aside from owning Michigan Sky Media, he is also an Instructional Technology Consultant and loves to work with cutting edge technologies.​ Tyler travels around with his family, making amazing images from above. Meet Tyler… What’s your hometown? … Continued

LUME LEGEND -Craig Minielly

Meet Craig Minielly, a Nikon Ambassador, that has been photographing across Canada, the US & internationally for over 30 years. Craig has a long list of credentials including multiple Photographer of the Year Awards, Association Masters degrees, the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award and is a member of The Explorer Club. He’s always pursued the … Continued

#Capture4Cubes – Pic of the Month – Isaac Werk

Meet Isaac Werk, a content creator based on the island of Maui, Hawaii. He creates amazing images and videos that inspire with a flair of Hawaiian style. He’s won multiple GoPro awards and his work has been featured on GoPro – The Inside Line. Meet Isaac… What’s your hometown? The island of Maui A photo … Continued

LUME LEGEND – Chris Higgins

Meet Chris Higgins, an adventure photographer from Knoxville, Tennessee. His work has been featured with the Discovery Channel, Boy’s Life Magazine, and various caving publications and spends time exploring some of the deepest caves and highest peaks he can find with his wife Megan. Chris has been experimenting in deep dark places with Lume Cubes … Continued


Meet Jason Rath, a self-taught photographer & videographer living on the central coast of California. From land to sea to air–he loves being out documenting the beauty that is all around us. Passionate about enjoying life, sharing stoke, and documenting it all along the way. Meet Jason… Where are you from? Where do you live … Continued

Lume Legend – Jay Daley

Meet Jay Daley, a self-taught Sydney-based photographer with a passion for packing his tent and getting off the beaten track to explore wild and remote scenery from around the world. Over the past decade, Jay has travelled to some of the most remote parts of Australia, South America, China and the arctic to find and … Continued


Dear Lume One Up Entrants and Voters: First off, thank you for participating in our #LumeOneUp Photo Contest. Whether you contributed with your content, your votes, or both, we truly thank you for playing along and hope you had as much fun as we did. In case you missed out on the winning images, check … Continued

Lume Legend – Andrew Engle

Meet Andrew Engle, an explorer and photographer living and working the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Andrew graduated from Messiah College with a major in marketing and a minor in graphic design. He is a decathlete and makes incredible light-painting images. Andrew is a two-time #LumeOneUp winner, and this newsletter interviewee. Meet Andrew… What’s your hometown? Lancaster, … Continued


Meet Aldryn Estacio, a creative director, photographer, user experience designer and fine-artist, and a learner of life. Aldryn has been documenting people and events since the 90’s. He was the one always carrying a camera, documenting the action. His work can be seen all over San Diego throughout many businesses, healthcare offices and even on … Continued

Lume Legend – Adam Cornick

Meet Adam Cornick, this month’s featured Lume Legend. Adam is a freelance photographer based in Halifax in the Canadian maritimes. He has been exploring and creating stunning images of the ocean and coastline for over a decade. Adventuring through the harsh cold and beautiful summers of Novia Scotia, he continues to push how he makes … Continued


Meet Brandon Verdura, a photographer, avid spear fisherman, US Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer, 100 ft+ free diver, and EMT living out his dream in Oahu, Hawaii. Brandon is a self-taught photographer with a second home in the water, where all of his inspiration and creativity flows from. He has been published in magazines such … Continued

Lume Legend – Jake Marote

Meet Jake Marote, an award-winning photographer living and working in Hawaii. Jake captures the excitement and beauty of Hawaii and his amazing adventures. He’s currently shooting for the Who is JOB web series and was kind enough to take some time to share his work. Meet Jake… What’s your hometown? I was born and raised … Continued


Meet Jack Enright, a SoCal original born and raised in the San Diego area. Jack grew up on the water and has been honing his skills in photographs and videos for the last five years. Meet Jack… Where are you from? Where do you live now? I’m from San Diego, California. I live in Point … Continued

Lume Legend – Ardi Webber

Meet Ardi Webber, an award-winning Australian landscape photographer who has been featured by Canon Australia’s “No one Sees it Like You.” Ardi has been creating dramatic photographs for only a few years, but his imagery is stunning. Meet Ardi… Where are you from? Where do you live now? I live on the sunshine coast in … Continued


Meet Tai Randall, two time winner of #Capture4Cubes, who previously owned a CrossFit gym, and is one of only 83 CrossFit Level-4 Coaches in the world. He has been a member of the CrossFit HQ Photography team for 5 years, and his work has been featured on ESPN,, The CrossFit Games, The CrossFit Journal, … Continued

Lume Legend – Johnny Wu

Meet Johnny Wu, a toy photographer from California who’s been creating stunning new narrative imagery using his favorite action figures. His work crosses generational gaps, including action figures from the 1980s and includes current Star Wars figures like Kylo Ren. Meet Johnny… Where are you from? Where do you live now? I’m from Pacifica California. … Continued


Meet Tom Jones, a self-proclaimed semi-unprofessional wannabe part-time 3rd shift photographer. A wandering Indiana looking for his lens cap… Meet Tom! Where is your hometown? Winamac, Indiana Where do you live now? Star City, Indiana (Whopping 7miles from my hometown) Whatʼs something about yourself that nobody else knows? My hometown is only 2,500 people, and … Continued

Lume Legend – Yolandi Jacobsz

Meet Yolandi Jacobsz, a professional studio- and location photographrapher with seven years’ experience in producing high-quality wedding, family, boudoir, portfolio- and event photography in South Africa. She recently got her hands on some Lume Cube to test them out in a portrait setting, and the results are incredible! Where is your hometown? My hometown is … Continued

Lume Legend – Vincent Versace

Meet Vincent Versace, a working photographer for over four decades as a commercial and fine-art photographer and educator. Vincent is known for his stunning portraits and travel black and white photography. He is a best-selling author of three photography books, recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and the Shellenberg fine … Continued


Meet Adam King, a husband, father of 2 little beach crazed toddlers and surfing photographer from Florida. He was born and raised in Illinois but always wanted to live in Florida since he was a child. He attended 5 universities, played football for the University of Florida Gators, love family time, travel, playing guitar, paddle … Continued

Lume Legend – JP Garcia

Meet JP Garcia, an amazing young skateboarder and video creator from Texas. JP skates and creates videos with his friends and family, loving his life and trying to enjoy everyday. Meet JP… Where are you from? Where do you live now? I’m from Harlingen, Texas and still live there How long have you been skateboarding? … Continued

#Capture4cubes Clip of the Month – Jake Quilter

Meet Jake, an outdoor and nature enthusiast his whole life. Growing up in Utah, he has explored the mountains year round, taking full advantage of its amazing and diverse spaces, while capturing the adventures as videos. Jake won #capture4cubes clip of the month, and shared his time with us on his way to another adventure … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Tom Ackerman

Meet Tom Ackerman, an artist and photographer living and working in Nevada. Tom creates stunning landscapes and powerful light-paintings. He travels the world so he can share his vision. Meet Tom… What’s your hometown? Truckee CA Where do you live now? Reno NV A photo posted by @lumecube on Feb 8, 2016 at 5:56pm PST … Continued

Lume Legend – Chris Simpson

Meet Chris Simpson, photographer and bodyboarder living and working in Hawaii. Growing up on the islands, Chris has always been into bodyboarding, surfing and enjoying the waves. He more recently began capturing his adventures in the water, and has been creating stunning images and videos, often using his Lume Cubes to help get the shot. … Continued

#Capture4cubes Clip of the Month – Chaney Oswell

Meet Chaney, a photographer living and working out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. When he’s not photographing, he’s skateboarding, wakeboarding, freediving and enjoying the outdoors. Meet Chaney… What’s your hometown? Where do you live now? Plantation, Florida, born and raised A photo posted by @lumecube on Feb 8, 2016 at 5:56pm PST What’s something about your … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Ben Ashley-Rogers

Meet Benji, a chef and photographer living in the UK, creating powerful portraits with amazing light-painting techniques. Meet Benji… What’s your hometown? Where do you live now? Born in Bristol UK, and have lived here pretty much my whole life. It is such an awesome city to shoot in. What is your full-time profession? I’m … Continued

Lume Legend – Florian Krause

Meet Florian Krause, professional cameraman and light-painter extraordinaire from Germany. Florian has been exploring his passion in light-painting photography, exploring different techniques and styles including pure light-painting, combining graffiti and light-painting to his latest projects combining light-painting with drones. Florian’s work takes on it’s own sculptural qualities while documenting temporal works of street art. Meet … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Justin Hoeppner

Meet Justin Hoeppner, an incredibly passionate and talented photographer out of Southern California. He’s been photographing his life’s truths and personal journey through captivating images of the ocean. Meet Justin… What’s your hometown? Dana Point, California A photo posted by @lumecube on Feb 8, 2016 at 5:56pm PST Where do you live now? Aliso Viejo, … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Clip of the Month – Tony Dimaria

Meet Tony Dimaria, a photographer and videographer currently living and working in San Diego. Tony is originally from New Jersey, and has several Emmy nominations for his work on TV shows. Meet Tony… What’s your hometown? Mahwah, NJ A photo posted by @lumecube on Feb 8, 2016 at 5:56pm PST Where do you live now? … Continued

Lume Legend – Bella Kotak & Pratik Naik

Meet Bella Kotak and Pratik Naik, our latest Lume Legends. Bella Kotak is a fine art, fashion and portrait photographer based in Oxford and London, England. Inspired by fairytales, nature and strong feminine characters Bella’s pictures lift the veil of the overlooked and reminds us that there’s magic in the most ordinary of spaces… Pratik … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Russell Brown

Meet Russell Brown, a talented photographer and image maker extraordinaire out of San Jose, CA. Russell is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe, where he shows users how to work and play. Russell’s own imagery has a breathtaking style and recently won our #capture4cubes Photo of the Week contest. Meet Russell Brown… What’s your hometown? … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Clip of the Month – Scooter Cooper & Austin Wiles

Meet Scooter Cooper & Austin Wiles, both originally from Salt Lake City now exploring the world and making amazing work. Scooter is now based out of Los Angeles working as a filmmaker and photographer, and is traveling full time. Austin is currently working on his degree in Advertising and Public relations. Meet the team that … Continued

Lume Legend Zak Stone

Meet Zak Stone, a professional photographer and adventurer based out of Salem, Oregon. He is known as an outdoor photographer and adventure seeker. Zak Stone has been combining his love for photography and sports, including wakeboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding, for nearly two decades. He was nice enough to sit down and chat about his life … Continued

Lume Legend Ilse Moore

Meet Ilse Moore, a South African since birth and photographer for nearly a decade. She’s known for her unique underwater photography ranging from fashion to wedding photography. Ilse’s work embodies painterly qualities and gestures from her fine arts background, and incorporates stunning cinematic lighting that create a truly remarkable combination. Meet Ilse… Where are you … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Clip of the Month – Ben Ruef

Meet Ben Ruef, a time-lapse photographer living and working in Southern California. Ben creates stunning time-lapse videos and still images in and around the shores of San Diego while in school. Meet Ben… What’s your hometown? La Jolla, California A photo posted by @lumecube on Feb 8, 2016 at 5:56pm PST Where do you live … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Kevin Moto

Meet Kevin Moto, a outdoors and back roads adventurer, exploring the American West with breathtaking photos. Meet Kevin… What’s your hometown? Salem Massachusetts, the home of the witches, some of my teachers growing up, proved that was 100% true! Where do you live now? Gorgeous San Diego! What’s something about your hometown or current town … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Clip of the Month – Kyle Ziff

Meet Kyle Ziff, a globe trotter, currently using all his savings to travel the world while documenting his experiences with breathtaking photos + videos. It’s no surprise he’s a two time #capture4cubes Video of the Week champ. Meet Kyle… Where are you from? I’m from Southern California. Specifically Ventura County. A photo posted by @lumecube … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Eric Wong

Meet Eric Wong, a talented photographer out of Honolulu, HI who has been on the Lume Cube team’s radar ever since his first #litbylume photo of Jamie O’Brien a few months back. Not surprisingly, he just recently won our #capture4cubes Photo of the Week contest. Meet Eric… Where did you grow up? Mercer Island, WA … Continued

LUME LEGENDS – Jamie Seidel

Meet Jamie Seidel, a photographer out of Viroqua, Wisconsin who quickly got on the Lume Cube radar when he submitted an outstanding #litbylume shot of a Lume Cube splashing into water in our weekly #capture4cubes contest on Instagram. With more Lume Cubes now in hand, Jamie has taken some of the most unique and inspiring … Continued

Lume Legends – Damien Robertson

Meet Damien Robertson, or Damo as he likes to be called. A Hawaiian native from the Big Island, now residing at Sunset Beach on Oahu. Damo spends his days… and nights, with surfing legend and Lume Cube athlete Jamie O’Brien thinking of the craziest possible ideas to catch on camera. You may have seen some … Continued

Lume Legends- Eddie Tapp

Meet Eddie Tapp, a professional photographer and post-production expert based out of Atlanta, GA. He is known worldwide not only for what he has achieved behind the camera but also for his passion of teaching others how to approach any facet of the photography industry. Some of Eddie’s many achievements include being inducted into the … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Pic of the Month – Sash Fitzsimmons

Meet Sash Fitzsimmons, an incredibly talented photographer out of the North Shore. He’s been a supporter of Lume Cube since the beginning and was nice enough to sit down and talk about his photography… Where are you from? Where do you live? North Shore, Hawaii A photo posted by @lumecube on Feb 8, 2016 at … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Clip of the Month – Chris Simpson

Meet Chris Simpson, a game changing bodyboarder from the Island of Oahu. He recently rigged up his board to be able to get some epic angles of him shredding through barrels when the suns not around. Meet Chris… Where are you from? In kailua town, the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii. When did you start … Continued

Lume Legends- Nick Jacobsen

Meet Nick Jacobsen, a professional Kiteboarder from Copenhagen, Denmark. Nick and his fellow photographer Lars Daniel Terkelsen got their hands on some Lume Cubes a few months ago after discussing how they can bring a newer, more unique perspective to the sport of kiteboarding. The images they have created together since don’t just take the … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month – Holly Sisson

Meet #capture4cubes Video of the Week winner Holly Sisson. Holly is a professional photographer/social media influencer out of Toronto who actually isn’t the first member of the talented Sisson family to win our weekly Photo/Video contest on Instagram. Her sister Monica was one of Lume Cube’s first #capture4cubes Photo of the Week winners. When you … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month – Frank Pantely

Meet Frank Pantely, a graphic designer & photographer out of Colorado. Frank just recently won our #capture4cubes Photo of the Week contest and was nice enough to sit down and tell us about the epic shot along with his life in photography. Meet Frank… What’s your history with photography? Why do you like it? I … Continued

Lume Legends- Douglas Spotted Eagle

Meet Douglas Spotted Eagle, a world traveling educator of all things video and all things drones. However, Douglas was also an early pioneer for digital audio in the late 70’s, is an expert skydiver, acting as Team Manager for the US Parachute team, and a Grammy-winning musician, noted for his live and recorded performances on … Continued

Lume Cube Announces Partnership with Beautiful Destinations

Today marks a truly exciting day for the Lume Cube brand. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on one of the deepest partnerships in our brands history, and are thrilled to finally announce publicly what we’ve got in store. Lume Cube has teamed up with Social Media Influencer Jeremy Jauncey & the team at one of the … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month – Jeff Babineau

Professional photographer/cinematographer Jeff Babineau just recently won our #capture4cubes photo of the week with a photo that blew the Lume Cube team away. Then he told us the incredible story about how the shot was achieved. This guy is the real deal. Meet Jeff… Where are you from, Jeff? I am from A town called … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Video of the Month – Renato Sanchez

Meet Renato Sanchez, a Biomedical Engineering student at East Carolina University, a #capture4cubes video of the week champion, and a very talented videographer. In his spare time Renato hangs out with sorority girls, making epic recruitment videos for them. He tells us it’s actually a lot more difficult of a task than it sounds. Read … Continued

The Lume Cube Sustainability Initiative

Long before Lume Cube came to be, founder Mornee Sherry and cofounder Matt Cummins stressed the importance of creating a positive impact in their communities. Throughout their careers they have helped to plant thousands of trees, teamed up with Seedlight and donated over $40,000 to provide digital cameras to children in disadvantaged communities. In addition … Continued

Lume Legends – Frank Doorhof

Meet Frank Doorhof, a professional fashion and celebrity photographer from Amsterdam. Frank also hosts engaging online workshops through Facebook and Youtube Live, travels the world teaching classes, and finding the story in every photo he takes. He was nice enough to take the time to sit down and talk about his life in photography. Meet … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Video of the Month – Tyler Meckelborg

Meet Tyler Meckelborg, a high schooler out of Alberta, Canada. He recently won our #capture4cubes video of the week contest with a clip that made us think he was definitely not in high school. He plans on pursuing videography as his career and even runs his own production company TIM Productions. Tyler was nice enough … Continued

Capture4Cubes Photo Winner of the Month Tracy Lee

Meet Tracy Lee, a professional photographer and #capture4cubes photo of the week winner out of Las Vegas, NV. You may have seen Tracy’s work on her ever-growing Instagram page @tracyleephotos or her even more well-known page @milkywaychasers. If you’ve been fortunate enough to check out either of these pages, you’ll notice that Tracy and her … Continued

Lume Cube – Lume Cube Plants Trees

As summer comes to it’s expected end, and the autumn leaves get ready for their inevitable fall, we reflect on the season’s change, and do what we can to preserve this natural wonder of the world. So to celebrate the first day of autumn, we at Lume Cube are thrilled to announce the launch of … Continued

Lume Legends – Rachel Jones Ross

SHOOTING NIGHTTIME LANDSCAPES IN EXTREME CONDITIONS W/ RACHEL JONES ROSS – Rachel Jones Ross is a PHD student at the University of Calgary, currently writing her dissertation in Experimental Psychology. When she’s not immersed in her studies, Rachel teaches night-photography courses, shoots weddings and portraits, and takes some of the most imaginative nighttime landscape photos … Continued


Meet Nathan Gonzalez. However, you may recognize him as @nathansventure because he’s been featured on our Instagram page so much recently. Since buying his Lume Cubes awhile back, Nathan has been producing some of the best #litbylume videos that have ever come through our channel. It makes sense that he’s our first ever back-to-back #capture4cubes … Continued

#CAPTURE4CUBES Winner of the Month Chris Ortiz

Meet Chris Ortiz. Based out of Balboa, CA, Chris has luxury of living just about a mile up the road from the “infamous Wedge”, as he describes it. This is where Chris snaps some of the crispest wave shots around. And now that Chris has his hands on some Lume Cubes, he’s been getting into … Continued

Lume Legends – Cameron Sinclair

Meet Cameron Sinclair, an account manager out of Sydney, Australia. He may not be a full time professional photographer, but if you check out the incredible photos he produces day-in and day-out, you’ll understand why we call him a Lume Legend. Meet Cameron… What is your favorite hobby? Wave/Surf Photography Explain your history with photography. … Continued

Lume Cube DJI Osmo Stand

At Lume Cube we have the opportunity to test the widest range of photo and video equipment around. Whether it be the toughest waterproof phone case or the fastest new drone on the market, we take each product out into the night and see if our Lume Cubes can improve the experience. However, sometimes we … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Winner of the Month Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers is rad. In 2008, while on a skiing trip with his parents in the Swiss Alps, he broke both of his legs. Chris was 15 years old. He spent the next 3 months in a wheelchair watching his friends from the sidelines as they pursued their dreams of wake boarding, his favorite activity. … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Winner of the Month Geoff Ridenour

“Be a good person, smile, surround yourself with great people, follow through on promises, push yourself and those around you to be greater, and have fun.” Meet Geoff Ridenour… Where did you grow up? I feel really fortunate to have lived all across this beautiful country. I was born in San Diego, raised in New … Continued

Lume Legends – Amber Torrealba

Meet Amber Torrealba, a professional skim boarder and content creator living in Laguna Beach, CA. If you check out her Instagram page with over 50k followers, you’ll see a countless number of videos displaying Amber’s multiple talents. She skims, she skates, she shoots and edits all of her own content. She can’t be stopped. And … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Winner of the Month Katy Schlemmer

Meet Katy Schlemmer. She may be fresh out of college, but she’s a seasoned photographer, videographer, and inspirer. As a multiple #capture4cubes #lumepic Honorable Mention and #lumeclip winner, we just had to sit down with Katy to hear about how she got where she is today. Meet Katy… What is your background in film/photography? How … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Winner of the Month Winner Jonas Gutzat

Meet #capture4cubes #lumeclip winner Jonas Gutzat, a student from Germany studying digital cinematography at the University of Hawaii at Manoa on the beautiful island of Oahu. If you check out his Instagram page @videosophy, you and his 11k followers will agree that Jonas is on the right course with trying to make a career out … Continued

Lume Legends – Kristina Sherk

When Kristina Sherk is above water she spends her time as a high-end professional photo retoucher and photographer. When below the water, however… she’s a mermaid. Meet Kristina… Where do you reside? Washington DC suburbs What is your occupation? I like to tell people that I am a retoucher first, a photographer second, and a … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month Winner Riley

Meet #capture4cubes #lumepic winner of the month Riley. Riley splits his time between being a full-time student at Arizona State University, working for a video production company that makes content for local and national businesses, and working as boat charter on Lake Powell which is where he took one of the most beautiful #litbylume photos … Continued

#Capture4Cubes Video of the Month Winner Amber Rose

Meet Amber Rose. A native to Southern California, Amber now lives full-time in Oahu, Hawaii as a mechanical engineer, lifestyle model, and co-owner of a small lifestyle company/boutique. But the Lume Cube team mostly knows her as an incredible content creator that won best #lumeclip for our #capture4cubes contest. Check out her Instagram page @ambah_rose … Continued

Lume Legends – George DeLoache

“Everyone in the late 60’s had this lone wolf, ‘I need to find myself’ mentality. I’m different. I need people to improve the quality of my life.” George DeLoache is an acclaimed professional portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA who runs photography workshops around the country and hosts a daily broadcast on Periscope … Continued

Our #Capture4Cubes Video of the Month Winner Dima French

Dima French is a full-time Product Design student, as well as a killer drone operator out of Plymouth, UK. He’s our first ever #capture4cubes #flightlight winner so we got in touch and asked him a few questions about his droning experience and expectations for night-flying with Lume Cubes. Here’s Dima French… And the winner for … Continued

Our #Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month Winner Gabe Caswall

Gabe Caswall is a talented photographer out of San Diego, CA and a well deserved #capture4cubes #lumepic winner. He’s a high schooler ready to graduate in the next few months and was nice enough to talk to Lume Cube about his inspirations and expectations as a rapidly growing photographer looking to make a career out … Continued

Lume Legends – Kevin & Lisa

“Swiss Army Knife of Lighting” – Lisa Yen – Meet Kevin and Lisa Yen. They are both professional photographers out of Queens, NY, and their range is not limited to just one area of photography. They shoot sporting events, portrait photography, wedding/black tie events, and product shots for restaurants, magazines, and consumer goods companies. Their … Continued

Lume Cube adds headlights to DJI Phantom 3 & 4

Today we announce the launch of Lume Cubes Drone Mounts! Drones have revolutionized the game, offering unique angles and perspective on our everyday surroundings and a sneak peak into areas and views previously unachievable. However, this exhilarating ability to view the world through a brand new perspective has always been limited by the sun and … Continued

Our #Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month Winner Dan Dedekind

Dan Dedekind is a good friend to Lume Cube and an extremely talented photographer out of South Africa. You may have seen him featured on our Instagram page for not only being a winner of our weekly #capture4cubes #lumepic contest, but for also perfectly displaying how effective the Lume Cube can be in portrait photography. Oh … Continued

Meet #Capture4Cubes Video of the Month Winner Efren Barajas

Efren Barajas Interview Meet #capture4cubes #lumeclip winner Efren Barajas (@stayn_dirty91 on Instagram). Efren likes to skate. Efren likes to film his friends skating. Efren likes to film his friends getting seriously busted up while skating. We talked about it… And the winner for this week’s #Capture4Cubes best #LumeClip is @stayn_dirty91! Congratulations! Please DM us to get your … Continued

Lume Cube Spotlight: Tonya Brye

Tonya Brye (@tonya.brye), a local to San Diego and new friend to Lume Cube, was nice enough to take time out of her day to answer a few questions about photography, Lume Cube, and her inspiring Instagram photos that quickly made her a fan favorite here at Lume Cube Headquarters. Here’s what she had to … Continued

Pro Skateboarder Chris Joslin Signs With Lume Cube

Lume Cube is proud to announce its new partnership with Chris Joslin! “I’m super stoked to now be a part of the Lume Cube team. I always go skate at night but the darkness has always made it tough to see and to film. But now, with the help of these Lume Cubes I can … Continued

Meet #Capture4Cubes Video of the Month Winner Koa Gaboya

Meet #capture4cubes #lumeclip winner Koa Gaboya. Koa was nice enough to answer some questions about his winning video as well as talk about photography, Lume Cube, and his second home—the ocean… And the winner for this week’s #Capture4Cubes best #LumeClip is @koa.numbah.1! Congratulations! Please DM us to get your cubes. We’re really excited that more … Continued

Our #Capture4Cubes Photo of the Month Winner Simon Pollock

Meet Simon Pollock. He’s a social media analyst, photographer, coffee lover, father, and now a #capture4cubes winner… Congratulations to this weeks #Capture4Cubes #LumePic winner @gtvone! Great #LitByLume photo. DM us your info to claim your prize pack! ・・・ Coffee? #LitByLume #lumepic A photo posted by @lumecube on Jan 18, 2016 at 12:34pm PST What is … Continued

Photographer Captures Life’s Biggest Moments With Lume

Professional photographer Mardee Maree just recently shot an entire wedding using only Lume Cubes and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Mardee is based out of South Africa, traveling the country with his Fuji cameras teaching workshop after workshop to photographers of all levels while taking some of the most beautiful photos you’ve ever … Continued

Pro Surfer Jamie O’Brien Signs with Lume Cube

Lume Cube is proud to announce its new partnership with Jamie O’Brien! The legendary professional surfer and star of Red Bull TV’s Who is JOB said of the signing, “I’m so stoked on my new partnership with Lume Cube. It’s been fun shooting with the new lights. They’re going to be essential for filming Who … Continued

Lume Cube Video of the Month Winner: Ryan Monroe

Meet our #capture4cubes #lumeclip winner of the month Mr. Ryan Monroe (@mrryanmonroe)! Ryan was nice enough to answer us a few questions about photo and his winning video below.   What is your full time job? IT guy in Oklahoma You seem to live a pretty active life. what are some of your favorite activities … Continued

Lume Cube Photo Winner of the Month: Jay Manning

Meet #Capture4Cubes #lumepic winner Jay Manning (@_jaymanning_) As a local to San Diego and winner of our weekly #capture4cubes Instagram contest, Jay stopped by Lume Cube HQ to pick up his winnings and answer a few questions about himself… How did you get into photography? I was already in the water a lot because I … Continued