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Think you’ve got what it takes to create some head-turning content? Put your work to the test by entering Lume Cube’s weekly #CAPTURE4CUBES contest!
Every single Monday Lume Cube rewards breathtaking content by providing one free Lume Cubes + an accessory to the top photo of the week. That’s 4 free Lume Cubes up for grabs every month! The winners of this contest are also qualified to be interviewed for our Lume Cube blog.
Although there are no specific guidelines for the content entered, the winning entries all have one thing in common: insane creativity. Get out there and create something that has never been seen before. Make sure the image is high quality, original, and eye catching and you’re on your way! Check out some samples below.
Directions: Simply post your content to Instagram with “#CAPTURE4CUBES” in the caption…. and that’s it, you’re entered! The submissions from MondaySunday will be in contention for the following Monday’s contest.
If you’d like to enter your content on Facebook, simply post your image/video to our Facebook wall @lumecube with #CAPTURE4CUBES included. If you’d like to enter your content on Twitter, simply tag @lumecube and use #CAPTURE4CUBES in the caption. For both Facebook and Twitter, the video entries must be under 1 minute in length. 
*You do not need to use Lume Cubes to enter. But it doesn’t hurt.

Check out some of our winners

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